Technical specifications

Double drum ride on roller

Weight: 1.2 tons empty; 2.4 tons when rollers filled with water. Provides a rolling mass width factor of 960kg per meter.

Drive: Hydraulic pump driving a hydraulic motor

Bearings: 6 heavy duty pillar block bearings on the unit

Width of machine: 1470mm

Width of roller: Two rolls constructed from 10mm plate,  each 1250 mm wide and 800mm in diameter.

Height of roller: 1650mm including canopy

Length of roller: 2.4m

  • Machine is articulated at the front roller
  • Steering hydraulically controlled power steering
  • Machine powered by petrol engine – gearbox reduction of 2:1
  • Hydraulic transmission
  • Hydraulic motor connected to a sprocket for final chain drive to the rear roll
  • Braking and clutching handled by the hydraulics
  • Speed controlled through control valve
  • Simple one man operation
  • Coupling motor to sprocket is a softex coupling

Single drum walk behind roller

Weight: Approximately 650 kg without ballast. 1150 kg when drum is filled with water.

Rolling mass width factor: 960kg per meter which will give you a compaction of 96%.

Drum diameter: 800mm.

Rolling width: 1200mm

Length of roller including handle: 2750mm

Total width of roller: 1420mm

Height of roller: 1200mm

Engine: Petrol driven engine

Bowling green polisher

Engine: Petrol driven

Width: 600mm

Length: 1600mm

Height: 1.4 meters

Number of rollers: 4

Speed: 10km/hour (can iron 3 greens within an hour)

  • Hydrostatically driven

  • Separate trolley to transport roller between greens is supplied.